The Story of Chocolate Haus

The chocolates speak for themselves... But for those of you who want to be in the know, this is the story
of Chocolate Haus.

Pete Close is no stranger to creative pursuits, and his earliest professional inspiration was in graphic arts.
As a graphic designer, Pete applied his talents to create eye-popping visual works for every design need.
However, another inspiration took hold. Not limiting his creative energy to graphic design, sometime
in 2002, Pete began experimenting with a new form of art: CHOCOLATE. From his home kitchen,
and with the help of his wife Cindy, Pete began creating and perfecting a delicious array of chocolate
delights. The response was overwhelming.

As a long-time resident and native of the Pacific Beach community, it was obvious where he needed
to share his vision. When a location finally opened on Turquoise Street in North Pacific Beach, Pete
quickly seized the opportunity, and in April of 2004, Chocolate Haus was born. Today, with the help of
his wife Cindy and several dedicated employees, Pete operates Chocolate Haus where it stands at the
center of the North Pacific Beach community. And while Chocolate Haus has grown to include a wider
audience, it is friends, family and community that continue provide the inspiration for Chocolate Haus
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