About Us

A Little About Us

Pete Close is a chocolatier, husband, father and a proud member of the Pacific Beach community. When
he’s not handcrafting extraordinary chocolates or making other decadent creations in his shop, Pete
can be found assisting Cindy with her boutique, Hair Galleria, attending one of his son’s baseball games,
supporting the local schools through events such as “Taste of North PB” and “Athletes for Education,” or
simply enjoying all of the local surf that San Diego has to offer.

Cindy Close plays an integral part in running the Chocolate Haus. A wife, mother, and business owner,
Cindy is also a proud member of the Pacific Beach community. When she’s not running Hair Galleria or
assisting with Chocolate Haus, Cindy [ADD COPY]

And of course, Chocolate Haus wouldn’t be the same without the support of the dedicated and talented
group of individuals that make up the Chocolate Haus staff.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to stop in, say hi and treat yourself to all that Chocolate Haus
has to offer.
The Chocolate Haus Philosophy

The concept is simple: make the best chocolates, using the highest quality and freshest
ingredients available. But what is it that makes a chocolate the best? Whether it’s a creation
from our essential collection of favorites or a newly inspired delight, our melt-in-your mouth
chocolates will always satisfy. And we believe a chocolate that satisfies is always the best.

Since its debut in early 2004, Chocolate Haus has followed this philosophy by producing
the finest in handcrafted chocolates and extraordinary confections. We use only premium
ingredients and make all of our chocolates and confections in-house. Everything we use is
fresh, and of course, you will never find preservatives in any of our creations. Simply put, you
will not find a higher quality, more delectable chocolate.

It’s fresh. It’s simple. And it’s chocolate that satisfies.
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