Our collection of Chocolate Haus favorites is irresistible. Generally available year-round, these
varieties are sure to cure your sweet tooth.

These all-time favorites are made with a lightly whipped sweet peanut butter center covered in a dark chocolate shell. 
Caramel Bailey's
A superbly decadent white chocolate ganache infused with caramel Bailey’s liqueur. 
Caramel Lovers

Start with a caramelized sweet sugar center, infuse with white chocolate ganache – then cover with milk chocolate and a dark chocolate drizzle – what do you get?  A crème brule sensation!

Cinnamon Bun Truffle
A delectable infusion of brown sugar and fresh ground cinnamon superb blended into a white chocolate fudge center.
Coconut Fudge

It’s a coconut lover’s delight!  We start with semi-sweet chocolate fudge, carefully blend in tropical coconut and toasted almonds, and top it all off with a deep dark chocolate and toasted coconut shell.

 Coconut Rum Jungle
It’s an inspiration from the islands… made better with chocolate! We use authentic 12-year aged Zaya Rum from Trinidad to infuse this milk chocolate and coconut ganache. Finished with a milk chocolate dip, this treat is like a  heavenly escape to the islands!
 Cookies & Cream
A classic. White chocolate fudge perfectly blended with rich dark cookie crumble and finished with a sumptuous white chocolate shell
Dark Fudge Truffle
We begin with a smooth, handmade semi-sweet fudge center, finished off with a rich dark chocolate dip… perfectly simple, perfectly satisfying.
 Fig Balsamic
This sophisticated dark chocolate ganache is infused with an Italian Mussini balsamic fig glaze wrapped in a layer of dark chocolate and lavished with a milk chocolate finish. Decadence has reached a new peak.
Grand Marnier
Bite into the dark chocolate shell of this tantalizing treat, and inside, you will find a classically blended ganache of orange zest, dark chocolate, and Grand Marnier cognac. Not to be missed.
A combination of crushed chocolate cookie and refreshing mint fudge. Topped with a delicious dark chocolate shell 
A blissful combination of finely chopped peanut brittle, swirled with milk chocolate and immersed in a final layer of milk chocolate. A divinely inspired treat. 
You heard right: Lavenberry! This white ganache is a local treat, using fresh strawberries and locally sourced fresh lavender from Carlsbad, CA. Dipped in dark chocolate, it’s a chance to experience the wonderful flavors found right outside of our doorstep. 
Lemon Truffle
This white chocolate ganache will lift your spirits. Bright Limoncello liqueur is mixed with fresh lemon to create a beautiful ganache that is then dipped into the finest white chocolate.
Milk Chocolate
What could be better than milk chocolate?!! Not much. This is a thoroughly milk chocolate treat – a milk chocolate  center dipped in milk chocolate, with a drizzling of white chocolate on top. Clearly a favorite.
Mocha Kahlua
A chocolate and coffee fix all in one. This dark chocolate ganache uses real Kahlua coffee liqueur and fine Illy Italian espresso. Covered in rich dark chocolate with a coffee bean on top, it’s sure to hit the spot.
You just might reach enlightenment with this transcendently tasty dark chocolate ganache. Crafted of 62% dark chocolate, dipped in more dark chocolate, and dusted
with pure cocoa powder, this chocolate is sure to bring bliss.

Peanut Butter Fudge
Creamy Virginia peanut butter is deliciously paired with semi-sweet fudge and dipped in milk chocolate. A drizzle of white chocolate rounds out this amazing peanut butter fudge treat.
Raspberry Truffle
This velvety smooth dark chocolate ganache is perfectly infused with raspberry liqueur and the freshest raspberries to create a luxurious treat for the senses.
This classic combination of almond brittle is swirled with dark chocolate, dipped in a final layer of dark chocolate and finished with a topping of crushed almonds.  A true delight.

Salted Chai Latte
The phenomenal flavor of India, wrapped in a chocolate. Our Salted Chai Latte is a milk chocolate ganache infused with velvelty smooth vanilla chai tea. Dipped in white chocolate and drizzled with milk chocolate, we finish with a dusting of true Mediterranean sea salt. It’s a unique and ever-so-captivating chocolate treasure.
Toffee Truffle
This is a beautifully balanced praline of white chocolate, almond and toffee, dipped in a deliciously smooth milk chocolate.
Vanilla Bean
It doesn’t get any more classic than this: a Madagascar vanilla white chocolate ganache, dipped in white chocolate, and drizzled with milk chocolate. Enjoy.


Classic caramel mixed with texas pecans dipped in your choice of dark chocolate or milk chocolate.
Peanut Brittle
Crisp light buttery texture brittle with roasted peanuts dipped in milk chocolate.
Almond Brittle
Crisp light buttery texture brittle with almonds. Dipped in dark chocolate.
Coconut Brittle
Dipped in white chocolate with toasted coconut.

Ice Creams



Brownie Chunk

Peanut Butter Fudge


Cookies & Cream

Rocky Road

Coffee Almond Fudge


Mint Chip

Brown Butter Pecan

In addition to the essential favorites, Chocolate Haus produces a changing variety of specialty chocolates. Whether you are looking for the delicate flavors of lavender and  strawberry, the extraordinary combination of cranberries and cardomom or the bold and spicy heat of chipotle chili chocolate, Chocolate Haus has a specialty chocolate to tempt your taste buds.
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